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From "steve neo" <>
Subject Ivy conf xml: <info module="xxx"> and <artifact name="yyy"> relation?
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 04:56:29 GMT
In my ivy.xml, I declared a dependency:
<dependency org="org/springframework" name="cs" rev="2.0.2"	conf="default" />

In cs-2.0.2-ivy.xml file, it has artifact named "spring"
	<info organisation="org/springframework" module="cs"
revision="2.0.2"	status="release"/>
		<conf name="default"/>
		<artifact name="spring" type="jar" conf="default"/>

So, I hope ivy could download
But in reality,
ivy tried
Do I have any misunderanding in ivy configure file <info> module
attribute? Will it be replaced by <artifact>?

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