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From Jing Xue <>
Subject ibiblio resolver and optional pom dependencies
Date Sat, 31 Mar 2007 15:45:47 GMT

I'm new to ivy, and just started playing around with this simple ivy

    <dependency org="log4j" name="log4j" rev="1.2.+"></dependency>
    <dependency org="org.springframework" name="spring" rev="2.0.3"></dependency>

with this ivy conf:
  <conf defaultResolver="main" checkUpToDate="false" />
       <chain name="main" >
         <ivyrep name="ivyrep" />
         <ibiblio name="ibiblio" m2compatible="true" />

The problem I'm having is when I run it, ivy appears to start
downloading _all_ the spring dependencies defined in the maven2 repo,
even those that are optional according to spring's pom. And those
optional dependencies would trigger more transitive dependencies. I had
to kill the process because it almost looked like trying to mirrow the
whole maven2 repo. 8-)

The workaround I found out is to add transitive="false" to the spring
dependency above. But that obviously turns off the non-optional
dependencies as well. So I wonder whether there is any better way to
deal with it.

Thanks for any pointers.
Jing Xue

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