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From Simon <>
Subject Re: how to make fileset of resolved dependencies
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2007 01:42:13 GMT
Thanks to both of you for the responses.

> I personnaly use retrieve task fro bring back all dependencies in my project
> , but i define specifics configurations for each kind of artifact my project
> will generate

Greg - yes, I think this is the solution that I was missing at first.
I was confused because the examples I've seen used the configurations
for other purposes (specifying source vs runtime builds etc) rather
than tailoring for specific artifacts - but I see it works just as
well like that.

I think I don't really mind having my build dependent on ivy - the way
I see it, once I have taken the hit of making the user install it I
want to use all the power I can get from it.   I'm mainly concerned to
make the build as clear and simple as possible and it seems like
arranging the build tree with multiple lib directories to suit ivy
might have people scratching their heads just as much or more than a
simple ivy task that defines the fileset for the dependency.  I also
have some large-ish dependencies, so I don't really want multiple
copies of them unnecessarily.

Thanks again!



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