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From Simon <>
Subject problems with simple configuration
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 08:47:41 GMT

I just started looking at ivy and it seems like a very nice tool.
However I ran into problems as soon as I tried to customize the
configuration.  It works fine with the default (ie. no) configuration.
 When I make an ivysettings.xml file with what the tutorial says is
the default configuration for ivy:

  <settings defaultResolver="default"/>
  <include url="${ivy.default.conf.dir}/ivysettings-public.xml"/>
  <include url="${ivy.default.conf.dir}/ivysettings-shared.xml"/>
  <include url="${ivy.default.conf.dir}/ivysettings-local.xml"/>
  <include url="${ivy.default.conf.dir}/ivysettings-main-chain.xml"/>
  <include url="${ivy.default.conf.dir}/ivysettings-default-chain.xml"/>

it fails with errors:

c:\testivy\build.xml:15: impossible to configure ivy with given file:
c:\testivy\ivy-settings.xml :java.text.ParseException: failed to
configure with file:/c:/testivy/ivy-settings.xml: problem in config
file: JAR entry org/apache/ivy/core/settings/ivysettings-public.xml
not found in c:\programs\apache-ant-1.7.0\lib\ivy.jar

I looked in the ivy.jar file and it doesn't seem to have those xml
files in it, even though the tutorial says it should.   Can anybody
explain why the default configuration doesn't work when it's specified
explicitly, or what else to put in the ivysettings file to get the
default behavior?

Sorry if this is a dumb question - thanks in advance for any help!



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