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Subject Dependency Sets
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 15:56:09 GMT
Hi There,

I'm new to Ivy and still trying to determine whether or not it will work 
for our shop.  I think it will, but I have some key questions I need to 
answer still.  It could be I just do not fully understand all of Ivy yet, 
but I was wondering the following:

Say for instance that I have a whole pile of projects that are going to 
depend on the same group of dependencies.  For instance, if I had the 
following in my Ivy repository (we'll be running a local one):


And I have many projects which all depend on all 5 of these modules, and a 
whole pile of other projects that depend on a subset - say only module3, 
4, and 5.  Would I have to write this out in my Ivy files for every single 
project?  For instance:

        <dependency org="org" name="module1" rev="ver" />
        <dependency org="org" name="module2" rev="ver" />
        <dependency org="org" name="module3" rev="ver" />
        <dependency org="org" name="module4" rev="ver" />
        <dependency org="org" name="module5" rev="ver" />
    </dependencies> each of my many projects, and:

        <dependency org="org" name="module3" rev="ver" />
        <dependency org="org" name="module4" rev="ver" />
        <dependency org="org" name="module5" rev="ver" />
    </dependencies> the rest of my projects?  Or is there a way to create a common group 
of dependencies that I can reference with an ID so that I do not have to 
maintain this manually?  Obviously this isn't too bad for this simple 
example, but you can imagine if I had hundreds of .jars in a single 
"runtime" that a bunch of other projects depended on.  I would not want to 
have to specify these each time. 
By the way, I realize that you can use patterns to do a dependency 
"include", which may work, but could be just as tedious if I had to come 
up with a seriously complex regular expression (or set of regular 
expressions) and duplicate them across many projects that all had the same 
group of dependencies.

Or am I missing an easy solution here?

Thanks in advance,

AMI Semiconductor - "Silicon Solutions for the Real World"
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