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From Ketan Lamba <>
Subject Request for feature
Date Tue, 20 Feb 2007 22:50:14 GMT

We have been using ivy-1.4.1 and noticed that there is need for important descriptor to be
added to ivy.xml files that are published to repository.

Since we can use ranges with 1.4 it would be important to add a descriptor that specifies
the original ranges for dependencies in the resolved ivy.xml. This should be addedto ivy.xml
for the module when its published to repository.

This would enable decision making like selecting "greatest common version" of a dependency.

for example :
We are trying to build a module A that depends on B and C. 
B depends on: D [1.0, 2.0[
 C depends on: D [1.2, 1.6[
  Module B asks for any 1.N build of module D while C asks only for the latest  revision of
module D's from 1.2 up to 1.5 release.
  Result: Build succeeds, and includes greatest "common" version of module D that satisfies
the constraints by both B and C. We notify the builder in a summarized Ivy report if there
is a newer version than 1.5 that we are prevented
from including here due to C's dependency.
Currently: When module A is being built and dependencies for B and C are resolved the ivy.xmls
from repository only provide 1.N version of D that was used by B and C versions requested
by A. 

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