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From Gilles Faucherand <>
Subject Re: eviction and conflict manager
Date Mon, 26 Feb 2007 12:17:23 GMT
Hi Xavier,

I cannot access to JIRA ? (I  could not finish this morning my post, I 
hope it is not my fault because
JIRA starts to be slow when I decided to "Re-open" the bug while I was 
editing a comment ?!?)

I post here my comment and I will try later to add it in JIRA.

---8<------------------CUT HERE------------------->8---------

I tried the latest code by checkouting the subversion project and making 
"ant jar" and using the ivy.jar from build/artifact/ directory. Is it 
the good way ?
(I didn't find a nightly build with your last modifications at

[configure] :: Ivy local-20070226105904 - 20070226105904 :: ::

Well, my previous example works well now, but it was a simple example 
without "cascade dependencies".
I could not try our latest code in real life because I found a new bug, 
here a more complicated example revealing the bug:

There are 5 modules A, B, C, D and E.
1) publish C-1.0.0, C-1.0.1and C-1.0.2
2) B needs C-1.0.0 : retrieve ok and publish B-1.0.0
3) A needs B-1.0.0 and C-1.0.2 (!!!CHANGED!!!) : retrieve ok and publish 
4) D needs C-1.0.1 : retrieve ok and publish D-1.0.0
5) E needs D-1.0.0 and A-1.0.0 (D before A in ivy file, important 
again!) retrieve failed to get C-1.0.2 from A
(get apparently C-1.0.1 from D)

  [resolve]     :: evicted modules:
  [resolve]     [ MyCompany | C | 1.0.0 ] by [[ MyCompany | C | 1.0.1 ]] 
in [all]
  [resolve]       in [ MyCompany | B | 1.0.0 ] with latest-time
  [resolve]     [ MyCompany | C | 1.0.2 ] by [[ MyCompany | C | 1.0.1 ]] 
in [all]
  [resolve]       in [ MyCompany | A | 1.0.0 ] with latest-time

Dates from repository :
  <info organisation="MyCompany" module="C" revision="1.0.0" 
status="integration" publication="20070226112211"/>
  <info organisation="MyCompany" module="C" revision="1.0.1" 
status="integration" publication="20070226112225"/>
  <info organisation="MyCompany" module="C" revision="1.0.2" 
status="integration" publication="20070226112233"/>

---8<------------------CUT HERE------------------->8---------


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