I've tried source ZIP attachment with IvyDE and it worked, but JavaDoc attachment did not. 
I'm configuring JavaDoc in exactly the same way I'm configuring source attachments.

The resolve seemed to have worked fine, but in the end the JavaDoc ZIP is not attached.

Do you know whether JavaDoc attachements are supported by IvyDE 1.2.0 or not?

Here is the example:





<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://ivyrep.jayasoft.org/ivy-doc.xsl"?>

<ivy-module version="1.4" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="http://www.jayasoft.org/misc/ivy/ivy.xsd">

  <info organisation="apache" module="commons-collections" revision="3.2" status="release"/>


    <conf name="default"/>

    <conf name="ide" description="JavaDoc and sources"/>



    <artifact name="commons-collections" type="jar" conf="default"/>

    <artifact name="commons-collections" type="src" ext="src.zip" conf="ide"/>

    <artifact name="commons-collections" type="javadoc" ext="javadoc.zip" conf="ide"/>



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Subject: Does the IvyDE classpath container have support for source attachments?

Sent: Thursday, December 7, 2006

On 12/7/06, Dmitriy Korobskiy wrote:


Thanks for your explanation. It makes sense. I was longing for some kind of

example/documentation for this exciting new feature of IvyDE!

Yes, but this is a user contributed feature, and I hope more example/documentation  will be user contributed too :-) 

I understand now how it works if you have ZIPs of JavaDocs and/or source.

Note that according to Peter who developed the feature there is still problems with javadoc... but if you have sources attached, you have inline javadoc with eclipse. 

I have another related question - if a distrubution has expanded directories in

repository - say, javadoc/ and src/ - is it possible to attach those using IvyDE

and url attribute or something like that?

No, not right now,  but it's maybe not too difficult to develop. Have a look at  the code IvyClasspathContainer code, and you'll see how Peter has implemented the feature. Then you should be able to see if you can tweak it to your needs. 



>> Hi,


>> As far as I can see from http://jira.jayasoft.org/browse/IVYDE-12, the

>> IvyDE supports source and javadoc attachments. However, I cannot find

>> any examples using this feature. As far as I can read from the 

>> IVYDE-12 issue, I should extend the ivys in my repository so they

>> include source and javadoc artifacts. Could somebody please give a

>> short example of the use of this feature or point me to relevant 

>> documentation?

XH> There is no documentation for the moment, here are some basic explanations

XH> of how it works for the moment:

XH> When it find a jar artifact to add in the container, it looks for another 

XH> artifact with the same name and with a "source" type, and attach it as

XH> source if it finds one. The type (source) can be configured.

XH> So if you want to have source attached you should have an ivy file like this 

XH> one for your dependency:

XH> <ivy-module version="1.0">

XH>     <info organisation="thisorg" module="thismodule" revision="1.0.4"/>

XH>     <configurations> 

XH>         <conf name="default"/>

XH>         <conf name="sources"/>

XH>     </configurations>

XH>     <publications>

XH>         <artifact name="myartifact" type="jar" conf="default" /> 

XH>         <artifact name="myartifact" type="source" ext="zip" conf="sources"


XH>     </publications>

XH> </ivy-module>

XH> Then if you depend on it like this: 

XH> <dependency org="thisorg" name="thismodule" rev="1.0.4"

conf="default->>default;dependencies-sources->sources" />

XH> And if you resolve both the default and the dependencies-sources 

XH> configurations in IvyDE, you should get the myartifact.jar in the container

XH> with sources from myartifact.zip attached.

XH> Xavier

XH> Best regards,

>> Jacob Grydholt Jensen 


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