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From <>
Subject AW: Ivy talk at ApacheCon Europe 2007?
Date Wed, 10 Jan 2007 06:16:50 GMT
>I plan to make a proposal for a talk on Ivy at ApacheCon Europe 07. 

Oh, cool. I should think about my decision not to come to Amsterdam ....

>I'm still wondering what kind of talk could be the 
>most interesting. IMHO an introduction for Ivy newbie or even 
>for people who never heard about Ivy would be the most 
>interesting, since Ivy is not of widespread use for the 
>moment. What do you think? Do you see any particular things 
>that would really be interesting to talk about? Do you have 
>any suggestion?

I think an introduction is very good.
Maybe with a complete build scenario with Ant (from my sources and
my dependency information to a release).
How to get Ivy; how to install Ivy; how to use Ivy

Another topic would be IvyDE, IvyTools ...

Comparison between Ivy and other dependency management tools (M2).

Ivy and Continous Build / Continous Integration. Ivy in combination with

Just a few ideas from a guy who hasnt spent any time on Ivy yet ....
(sorry for that ;-)


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