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From "Jacob Grydholt Jensen" <>
Subject Getting to the default cache path in ant
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2007 12:29:23 GMT

I have a basic ivy configuration:

	<conf   defaultResolver="bk-repository"
            defaultConflictManager="all" />		<!-- in order to get all
revisions without any eviction -->

	    <filesystem name="bk-repository">
	        <ivy pattern="${dest.repo.dir}/[organisation]/[module]/ivys/ivy-[revision].xml"/>

The cache is then set to .ivy in the user's home directory. I would
like to create an ant-target that deletes the cache directory. Can I
get to a property that will point to the default cache-location? I
have run the configure task with ant -v and got the following snippet:


parsing buildfile
with URI = jar:file:/T:/apache-ant-1.6.5/lib/ivy-1.4.1.jar!/fr/jayasoft/ivy/ant/antlib.xml

Loading jar:file:/T:/apache-ant-1.6.5/lib/ivy-1.4.1.jar!/fr/jayasoft/ivy/

[ivy:configure] :: Ivy 1.4.1 - 20061109165313 :: ::
[ivy:configure] jakarta commons httpclient not found: using jdk url handling
[ivy:configure] :: configuring :: file =
[ivy:configure] no default ivy user dir defined: set to C:\Documents
and Settings\jajensen\.ivy
[ivy:configure] no default cache defined: set to C:\Documents and
[ivy:configure] configuration done (78ms)
[ivy:configure] 	default cache: C:\Documents and Settings\jajensen\.ivy\cache
[ivy:configure] 	default resolver: bookline-repository
[ivy:configure] 	-- 1 resolvers:
[ivy:configure] 	bookline-repository [file]

The used cache location is outputted, but I cannot tell whether ivy
stores the cache location somewhere.

Best regards,

Jacob Grydholt

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