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From "Andreas Sahlbach" <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Build promotion?
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 14:51:01 GMT
On 1/4/07, Stephane Bailliez <> wrote:
> Andreas Sahlbach wrote:
> > We have a 4 phase staging process. In our team we are working on
> > trunk. We have a nightly build that is building trunk to our
> > development stage, so we can see if it basically works. If we think
> > that it works, we are moving exactly this build to our integration
> > stage, where we are connected to several other projects that closely
> > integrate their test environment with ours.
> >
> > After a longer testing period, we are moving this build our QS stage.
> > At this stage we should be function complete. In the QS stage we have
> > a lot of tests, including stress tests and so on, which  are made from
> > different departments. Also functionality is tested by the customer
> > and we are running here in a similiar firewall environment as in the
> > productive stage.
> >
> > If we pass all tests, we can go live. In case of needed fixes we are
> > branching the release build, put the fixes in the branch and of course
> > merge them back to trunk. Hotfix releases are made from the branch of
> I miss a few transitions in your process.
> I don't see any mention of stable branch nor tagging, you seem to branch
> the release by going backward to the revision of the nightly build that
> you picked up one day (how long before ?) that happened to work.
> I don't see how with constant work on trunk you can manage what really
> goes inside the release and eventually cherry picking of commits.
> Assuming your build is mostly fine but need 3 commits which fix critical
> issues for the release and there has been 150 commits in between your
> 'picked nightly build' and the final QA report, how do you do it then ?
> You branch the build and merge the 3 fixes ?
> -- stephane

That's right, I did not mention branching, sorry. Ok, if we have
reached the QS stage, we are usually function complete. If we find a
bug in the QS release, we create a branch from the QS release build.
As I mentioned before, I am automatically recording the svn version
and url we have used for a build. So if I need to make a branch I can
easily do this with the information found in the war/ear or whatever.
We are doing fixes in the branch and create a new build with a
different patchlevel. This new build is deployed on the QS stage for
further testing.
When we reach a productive ready state, we are deploying this build to
productive and then I tag it with a release tag.



Andreas Sahlbach

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