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From "Andreas Sahlbach" <>
Subject Fwd: Build promotion?
Date Thu, 04 Jan 2007 08:20:34 GMT
On 1/4/07, Xavier Hanin <> wrote:
> Thanks for sharing these useful tips and opinion. I agree  that as often
> it's a matter of taste, but I think you point something interesting: you say
> that you have a build which is reproducible, but you don't want to take the
> risk. So there is a risk. So you are not confident your build is
> reproducible.

The problem is: there is always a risk. If you and I would be the only
developers in our development team, the risk would be very low I
guess. But that's not the case. My build is used from around a dozen
developers, if you add the people Matthias Kilian is advising, call
that around 20 developers. So we now have 20 opinions regarding build
standards and these opinions include ideas like "I've made a last
minute fix that missed the build, let's move the release tag".

On the other hand: if something goes wrong during a release, I am in
deep, deep trouble. A lot of people will become very angry with me
little freelancer, because if we have made a mistake, a lot of stuff
does not work here and this could possibly end up in production
problems (which is a very expensive thing to do if you work for an
automotive enterprise like I do).

So my build is reproducible because I automatically store svn-url and
svn-version-number into every build I make, allowing only to publish
into the enterprise repository, if the svn wc, the build is based of,
is fully checked in and is not a mixed wc. But still I don't want to
take the risk, call me a coward if you want :)



Andreas Sahlbach

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