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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: ivy module name as an ivy property?
Date Wed, 24 Jan 2007 16:12:49 GMT
John Gill wrote:
> What I have done is to create an ivy-template.xml file which has lots of 
> ant
> properties in it. Then I have a little bit of ANT code that reads in the
> ivy-template.xml file into an ant property, but using an expandproperties
> filterchain (which will replace all ant properties which their value). Then
> all you have to do is write the property you read the file into out to
> another file called ivy.xml.
> Something like this...
> <property name="" value="StevesModule"/>
> <loadfile property="ivy-template-file" srcFile="ivy-template.xml">
>   <filterchain>
>      <expandproperties/>
>   </filterchain>
> </loadfile>
> <echo file="ivy.xml">${ivy-template-file}</echo>
> Now assuming that you have ${} referenced in your
> ivy-template.xml file, after running that little bit of ant code, all
> references to ${} (and any other ant properties you have in
> the file) will be replaced with the value of those properties.

yes, I see what you are doing, and have done the same with maven in the 
dim past. Trouble is, it screws up the bulk building stage of the process

> Is this a suitable solution to your problem?

well, I could always work the names out from my build files and 
${} (assuming a 1:1 mapping) but I want stuff to work in 
buildpath and the like

I'll file a bug, and hand code the stuff in for now


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