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From Ross Clewley <>
Subject Determining published artifacts from an ant.
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 16:16:33 GMT

Is there a way to get hold of the published artifacts for a module that 
you are about to build? I think the answer is probably no but it could 
be made possible with an enhancement to the /info/ task.

Let me explain why I'm interested in being able to do this. We have a 
modular build system, using Ivy of course, which is not entirely 
dissimilar to the 'multiple projects environment' tutorial. Like that 
example, we have a common build file that builds each project. The base 
variant of this common build file just builds the contents of the 
project into a jar. However, unlike in the tuturial, we can't always 
guarantee that the jar name is the same as the ant project name. Given 
that I'd like to be able to define the name of the jar in just one 
place, it'd be useful if, in my common modular build file, I could get 
hold of the name (or names) and types etc. of the artifacts declared to 
be produced in the ivy file.

At the moment we do it the other way around and set the jar name in a 
property in a property file that's local to each project and then use 
that property definition in the Ivy file. However, I'd prefer to keep 
the data describing what each project produces all together in the Ivy 

It seems like an extension to the /info/ task could set properties for 
the declared artifacts in the Ant project. Since there are variable 
numbers of artifacts it would presumably want to do this using patterns 
for the property names and values just like the /artifactproperty/ task 
does for resolved artifacts.



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