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From "Eric Crahen" <>
Subject Disconnected Development
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 17:04:09 GMT
Maybe this has been answered, but let me explain what I am trying to do.

I have some Ivy projects that I build while connected to my network and
everything is fine.
Now and again I need to unplug for various reasons and I'd like to still
work. I have stuff
in my cache from previous connected builds but I seem to have two issues to


The first is that I use <ivy:configure url="..."/>. I do this because its
impractical to do otherwise.
I have one configuration managed by someone for all my builds. It just sets
up resolver chains
and what not.

When I disconnect I fail the configure and can't take advantage of anything
that has been

Do you think it would be possible for ivy to cache configuration files it
downloads, so that
when the network is unreachable it uses the cached version? Or better yet,
it always uses
a cached version and just updates the cache in a background thread with each
build - so
that I won't have to wait for a network timeout on each build?


The second is that I sometimes use revision patterns like "1.+'". When I use
a pattern it seems
the resolvers require a connection to query the server. If I use "1.0" then
I will just take from the
cache directly.

Would it be possible for the resolvers to just query the local cache when
the network is down?


- Eric

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