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From "Xavier Hanin" <>
Subject Re: Disconnected Development
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2006 18:14:02 GMT
On 12/21/06, Eric Crahen <> wrote:
> Maybe this has been answered, but let me explain what I am trying to do.
> I have some Ivy projects that I build while connected to my network and
> everything is fine.
> Now and again I need to unplug for various reasons and I'd like to still
> work. I have stuff
> in my cache from previous connected builds but I seem to have two issues
> to
> overcome.
> ---
> The first is that I use <ivy:configure url="..."/>. I do this because its
> impractical to do otherwise.
> I have one configuration managed by someone for all my builds. It just
> sets
> up resolver chains
> and what not.
> When I disconnect I fail the configure and can't take advantage of
> anything
> that has been
> cached.
> Do you think it would be possible for ivy to cache configuration files it
> downloads, so that
> when the network is unreachable it uses the cached version? Or better yet,
> it always uses
> a cached version and just updates the cache in a background thread with
> each
> build - so
> that I won't have to wait for a network timeout on each build?

It's possible, but you can simply use the get task from ant and use a
<ivy:configure file="..."/>, and you'll be done without any modification in

> The second is that I sometimes use revision patterns like "1.+'". When I
> use
> a pattern it seems
> the resolvers require a connection to query the server. If I use "1.0"
> then
> I will just take from the
> cache directly.
> Would it be possible for the resolvers to just query the local cache when
> the network is down?

It's already possible to reuse the result of a last resolve (as documented
in the post resolve task page of the doc). You can also use an
ivyconf.xmlwhere you use a cache resolver, which will perform a
resolve from cache only
(this would be easier with a useCacheOnly="true" feature or something like
that, I agree). If you use the retrieve task then you can simply bypass Ivy
altogether when you are offline, and use your retrieved lib dir as before.


> - Eric

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