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From "John Brugge" <>
Subject Re: Resolving latest "integration" artifacts
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 15:09:00 GMT
Okay, I've made some progress, and have most of it working, but still have
a couple of questions.

It appears that the first big missing piece was that the ivy file for the
component was not actually being uploaded, and so, as Gilles guessed, the
ivy file I was getting on resolve was a default one. I think my confusion
over this is something that could be entered as a defect; the
<ivy:publish> Ant task wasn't reporting a failure in the ssh resolver, so
I too quickly assumed that everything was okay.
        [ivy:publish] :: publishing :: [ inat3 | ldap-impl-jndi ]
        [ivy:publish]   published ldap-impl-jndi to
        [ivy:publish]   published ivy to

When I checked the files on the server I saw the upload never really
happened. I ran 'ant resolve -d' and saw the problem quickly:
        [ivy:publish] SShRepository:put called:
        [ivy:publish] ERROR: Wrong scheme in URI. Expected ssh as scheme!:
        [ivy:publish] ERROR: The uri is in the wrong format.
        [ivy:publish] ERROR: Please use

Once I fixed my mixed up ant properties, I got the publishing working and
the ivy file went up fine along with the component. When I went to resolve
from a project that depends on it, it worked like a charm. Success!

The last piece of the puzzle was to get it to re-publish the ivy file when
the JAR file changed. What I found was that if I changed the JAR file and
ran the publish task again, the timestamps of the files on the server
changed (both the JAR and the ivy file), but the contents didn't. I
finally added 'forcedeliver="true"' to the publish task and it is now
working the way I think it should.

So now my question is this: for integration artifacts, do I need to have
"forcedeliver='true'" in order to get my changing JAR files published
properly? I'm not clear on the 'deliver' concept, I realize, and now I
can't find it in the docs again (I did find it once).

Thanks again,

Xavier Hanin said:
> Mmm, it's strange, what you did first should be working. Using the
> changingPattern should tell ivy that your -dev revision is a changing one,
> and Ivy should check for updates of your jars. So it may be a bug in
> Ivy...
> On 12/5/06, John Brugge <> wrote:
>> I am trying to get Ivy to recognize updated "integration" releases of
>> JAR
>> files in our repository, and am not having much luck. I am new to Ivy,
>> so
>> I may well be missing some core concept or misusing some features. Any
>> tips are appreciated.

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