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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject Re: Opt out of the cache for a resolver
Date Sun, 24 Dec 2006 16:05:12 GMT
Eric Crahen wrote:
> When I use the copy in my override repository its the patched version.
> When I remove the copy in my override repository it is the released 
> version.
> This is the point of a local override repository.
> There are plenty of valid reasons for this:

Your vision seems to be restricted to 'overriding' without thinking to 
'versioning'. Which ultimately leads to version 'shadowing'.
A version is a version and must be uniquely identifiable. period. no jar 
flying around which is 1.1 which is not a 1.1.

As John mentioned. Change the name. Change the version number. (no 
excuses that you cannot predict and that you are thinking that the next 
version of 1.1 may be postfixed by the name of your company or your dog 
name - this is _unlikely_). Change the resolver statuses. Whatever makes 
sense in term of version.

Patch your version 1.1 and call it 1.1-patched-by-my-company and make 
sure that your resolver is actually able to make the distinction between 
'patched-by-my-company' > 'final' or if you don't want to go that road, 
make sure to force the version to '1.1-patched-by-my-company]'. 
Whatever. Makes this humanly identifiable.

-- stephane

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