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From Dmitriy Korobskiy <>
Subject Re[2]: Does the IvyDE classpath container have support for source attachments?
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 16:20:40 GMT

Thanks for your explanation. It makes sense. I was longing for some kind of
example/documentation for this exciting new feature of IvyDE!

I understand now how it works if you have ZIPs of JavaDocs and/or source.

I have another related question - if a distrubution has expanded directories in
repository - say, javadoc/ and src/ - is it possible to attach those using IvyDE
and url attribute or something like that?

>> Hi,
>> As far as I can see from, the
>> IvyDE supports source and javadoc attachments. However, I cannot find
>> any examples using this feature. As far as I can read from the
>> IVYDE-12 issue, I should extend the ivys in my repository so they
>> include source and javadoc artifacts. Could somebody please give a
>> short example of the use of this feature or point me to relevant
>> documentation?

XH> There is no documentation for the moment, here are some basic explanations
XH> of how it works for the moment:
XH> When it find a jar artifact to add in the container, it looks for another
XH> artifact with the same name and with a "source" type, and attach it as
XH> source if it finds one. The type (source) can be configured.
XH> So if you want to have source attached you should have an ivy file like this
XH> one for your dependency:
XH> <ivy-module version="1.0">
XH>     <info organisation="thisorg" module="thismodule" revision="1.0.4"/>
XH>     <configurations>
XH>         <conf name="default"/>
XH>         <conf name="sources"/>
XH>     </configurations>
XH>     <publications>
XH>         <artifact name="myartifact" type="jar" conf="default" />
XH>         <artifact name="myartifact" type="source" ext="zip" conf="sources"
XH>     </publications>
XH> </ivy-module>
XH> Then if you depend on it like this:
XH> <dependency org="thisorg" name="thismodule" rev="1.0.4"
conf="default->>default;dependencies-sources->sources" />

XH> And if you resolve both the default and the dependencies-sources
XH> configurations in IvyDE, you should get the myartifact.jar in the container
XH> with sources from attached.

XH> Xavier

XH> Best regards,
>> Jacob Grydholt Jensen

Dmitriy <1-127-441 @ICQ, DKroot @Skype, DKroot1 @AIM, dkroot1_at_gmail_dot_com @Google

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