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From Jesse Glick <>
Subject Contributions (was: Re: Suggestion - JUnit4 tests for Ant)
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 14:48:15 GMT
First, BuildFileRule sounds like a great idea; do not see a patch so cannot comment further.

Second, should Michael just be nominated as a committer? The @Ignore change was complex and
valuable, and refactoring unit tests demonstrates serious intent.

Third, why are we still using Subversion when we could be using Git [1]? Apache makes us keep
the “official” repo on That is lame, especially given the 
existence of CLAHub [2]; but with Git you can still do your real work on GitHub, whose crown
jewel is of course the pull request system. PRs make it much, much easier to 
evaluate, comment on, iterate, and accept contributions than patches attached to Bugzilla—and
make the distinction between “committer” and “frequent contributor” only a 
matter of whether you have the permission to click the “Merge” button at the end.

That said, Antoine is doing most of the work these days so whatever environment he is most
comfortable in wins. Just thought I would put out a probe.


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