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From Michael Clarke <>
Subject Re: Contributions (was: Re: Suggestion - JUnit4 tests for Ant)
Date Fri, 08 Mar 2013 23:23:12 GMT
I'm not sure why my patch didn't make it onto the list so I've cloned the
Ant Github repository to my account [1] and applied my example changes [2].

I'll leave the discussion around Git versus Subversion for others to debate
(Git would get my vote for what it's worth). I'm happy to either contribute
my unit testing changes as a patch (although this could get very complex to
review given the number of tests available for change) or to commit changes
myself if the project wants me on-board as a committer.

Either way, feel free to comment on my changes either directly in Github or
on email. The only impact my changes should have on external code would be
compile failures for anyone extending an existing tests and expecting to
have methods like JUnit3's TestCase#assert...() or anything other than a
no-args constructor still available; or users having tests not running
since they're not marked with @Test and no longer implicitly extends
TestCase. I would expect such situations are limited and can be covered in
a release note, as well as leaving the current BuildFileTest in place (but
deprecated) for anyone who doesn't want to migrate fully.



On 8 March 2013 14:48, Jesse Glick <> wrote:

> First, BuildFileRule sounds like a great idea; do not see a patch so
> cannot comment further.

> Second, should Michael just be nominated as a committer? The @Ignore
> change was complex and valuable, and refactoring unit tests demonstrates
> serious intent.
> Third, why are we still using Subversion when we could be using Git [1]?
> Apache makes us keep the “official” repo on That is lame,
> especially given the existence of CLAHub [2]; but with Git you can still do
> your real work on GitHub, whose crown jewel is of course the pull request
> system. PRs make it much, much easier to evaluate, comment on, iterate, and
> accept contributions than patches attached to Bugzilla—and make the
> distinction between “committer” and “frequent contributor” only a matter of
> whether you have the permission to click the “Merge” button at the end.
> That said, Antoine is doing most of the work these days so whatever
> environment he is most comfortable in wins. Just thought I would put out a
> probe.
> [1]**writable-git<>
> [2]
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