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From Paul King <>
Subject Re: Java Packaging Tool - one for development and using. The best wish of many developers
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2010 08:37:35 GMT

Not 100% the same as what you suggest but Groovy's Grape system does some
of what you are asking for. Normally Grapes are used from within scripts,

Main.main(['-version'] as String[])

but it also has a commandline interface. Excerpt from doco shown below:

Command Line Tools

grape install <groupId> <artifactId> [<version>]

This installs the specified groovy module or maven artifact. If a version is specified that
specific version will be installed, otherwise the most recent version will be used (as if
'*' we passed in).

grape list

Lists locally installed modules (with their full maven name in the case of groovy modules)
and versions.

grape resolve (<groupId> <artifactId> <version>)+

This returns the file locations of the jars representing the artifcats for the specified module(s)
and the respective transitive dependencies.

This may not be what you want but might be a useful starting point.

Cheers, Paul.

Alexey Lunacharsky wrote:
> Hello!
> Does anybody think about imlementation a "Debian APT"-like tool on the top
> of an Ivy dependency manager. It can manage all java binaries and source
> installation in the system on user level,
> through home directory located workspace, or on admin level through FHS on
> Unix systems.
> For the give what I mean I write some high level usage examples, which can
> be used in unit tests):
> $ jpt install apache-ant-1.7.0
> by this command ant and all of its dependencies (jars and maybe other
> resources such jpt run configurations) are get downloaded and become
> available in ivy cache and it can be run by:
> $ jpt run apache-ant
> This execution will find and organize classpath through ivy depencies
> review, and than
> run spesified class (which is specified through jpt run configuation XML
> file)
> $ jpt wrap apache-ant ant
> Creates system dependent warapper script for running application through
> 'jpt run'.
> $ ant
> will now execute $ jpt run apache-ant
> $ jpt unwrap ant
> now wrapper no more exist
> $ ant
> no such command
> $ jpt uninstall apache-ant-1.7.0
> deletes a softfare binaries if there is no dependencies remain
> And so on.
> In future it can manage also the libraries source code. And be used for
> development environment buildings based on ant or gant scripts.
> So many software can be integrated on the top of spring framework etc.
> This is the system of my dream!
> So I will be very glad if you tell me, if such the system have already exist
> or
> why to not imlement such as a thin wrapper across the Ivy?

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