Hi all,

I suppose that there have been a lot of discussion about conditional structures, but I would like to open another one.
For now, I notice two solutions :

>> solution 1 : ant approach, using if and unless parameters.
<target name="todo" depends="ok,ko"/>
<target name="ok" if="my-property-is-set"/>
<target name="ko" unless="my-property-is-NOT-set"/>
Disadvantages :
- not as simple as it should be
- property evaluation is not possible (or I don't know how to do this)

>> solution 2 : ant-contrib
    <equals arg1="..." arg2="..."/>
Disadvantages :
- verbose solution
- project still maintain ?
- solution not integrated in the ant project

>> solution 3
I would like to discuss about another solution, based upon <antcall> et <condition> tasks.
<antcall target="todo">
        <equals arg1="${val1}" arg2="${val2}"/>
Target would be executed if condition succeeded.

Advantages :
+ use an existing task : <antcall> by adding a nested element
=> quiet easy to implement (see attached file)
+ use all <condition> possibilities

What do you think about this idea ?

Best regards,