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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] EasyAnt: Ant based pre packaged build system for java projects
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 15:00:47 GMT
2008/4/30 Ittay Dror <>:
>  I've read this thread and would like to maybe try and take this discussion
>  elsewhere.
>  The way I see it is that Ant and Maven came to being in order to simplify
>  building projects. The philosophy (as I see it) was either "create an xml
>  file with a few lines calling some tasks" or "create an xml with a short
>  configuration". Along the way, it became apparent that building a project
>  involves a lot of logic and thus these two frameworks grew until now they
>  are both not simple to use.
>  The root of this is, I think, because while dealing with all this build
>  logic, both frameworks refused to embrace the principals behind OOP. Both
>  obviously need a backing language to actually do things and have chosen
>  Java, but the front end is not OO.
>  And now this discussion seem to try to invent new ways of accomplishing
>  logic by creating a 'before' attribute or macro redefinition etc. Why?
>  Now, creating a full blown OO language in XML will also defy the 'easy'
>  purpose, mainly because XML was not designed to be a language (verbose
>  syntax, no debugger, etc.).
>  But what about prototype oriented syntax? The benefit is that there's no
>  introduction of 'class' concept, modifying objects is easy.
>  General idea is that the framework defines objects (mainly containers of
>  methods  == tasks). Then the user creates his own object (data), and defines
>  the prototype of that object to be one of the frameworks, thus getting all
>  functionality. If he wants, he can override whatever methods he wants.
>  Having an object that encapsulates methods allows creating helper methods
>  which can easily be overridden , without complexity.
>  So something like:
>   <sourcePath>/path/to/source/files</sourcePath>
>  <main>object.compile</main>
>  where 'jar_project' is defined by the framework (more like a toolkit) and
>  contains methods like 'compile', 'clean', etc. It can also have
>  'create_eclipse_project' method based on the data passed to it.
>  I hope I was clear enough.
>  Ittay
>  Oh, one more thing, with all this logic around, there really should be a
>  better way of debugging than 'echo'. Maybe the framework can convert the XML
>  code to some language for easy debugging?

You should maybe have a look to buildr.

Gilles Scokart

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