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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: Is our objective for 2.0 too ambitious? (was Re: Ivy 2.0 planning)
Date Thu, 17 Apr 2008 01:32:59 GMT
I think you have to accept that there will be bugs. After all, would you 
halt the whole release if a minor bug was found the day before it was 
due to be published?

But there are different categories of bugs. Some are so serious that you 
don't want to roll a release with it no matter what. This category 
really should result in pulling a release the day before publishing. 
Then there is a descending scale after that.

My suggestion would be to use the Priority field for this purpose. Here 
is how I use the Jira priorities:
  - Anything labeled "Blocker" should be fixed ASAP. It might be 
impacting other developers working from the tip or perhaps breaking Gump.
  - "Critical" is for anything that has to be fixed before a release can 
go out.
  - "Major" issues should be targeted for fixing for a release and their 
number kept as low as possible, but if any ended up in a release you 
wouldn't lose sleep over it.
  - "Minor" issues are the "nice-to-haves".
  - "Trivial" issues are ones that someone has complained about but the 
developers don't see that fixing them would significantly improve the 

If you have some sort of standard like that to go by, I think you can 
fairly rapidly differentiate the bugs and then define a release as: No 
Blockers or Criticals, and as few Majors as is practical to accomplish 
within the time span available. The number of Minors and Trivials are 

Xavier Hanin wrote:
> More than one month ago we agreed to focus on bug fixing for 2.0 final (see
> my original mail below).
> At that time we had about 80+ issues targeted at 2.0.
> Since then it seems we have fixed 57 issues:
> But we still have 64 issues to fix, which shows that new issues comes up (or
> some where retargeted or created to detail issues being fixed).
> This leads me to one question: is our objective to fix all open bugs for 2.0
> too ambitious?

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