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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Merging rev 628990 to the 1.7.x branch
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2008 05:28:44 GMT
Hi Stefan,

> Is it OK if I merge
> <> into the 1.7.x
> branch before we release 1.7.1 (maybe even before Kev creates the RC
> build, but I'd like to have his opinion here first).

I've been following the discussion and was waiting until a patch/fix
was ready before I was going to jump in.

I don't have a problem with merging a fix providing:

a: All tests pass on full build/test cycle (ok there's that strange
XMLCatalogTest failure - so ignore that one)
b: The cactus people (devs & if possible users) commit to test the RC! :)

(basically I'm going to use this as a blackmail opportunity to get
extra testing of the 1.7.1 branch [evil snigger])

> Currently Cactus users are forced to stick with 1.6.5 since we broke
> their Ant task and this patch repairs the damage.  I'd love to give
> them a better option (in particular one allowing them to use JUnit 4)
> earlier than Ant 1.8.0.

Agreed and joking aside +1 from me I'll run through the test cycle on
my various jdks/platforms today (hopefully)

I *really* want to build a beta within this week (do I need a vote on a beta?)


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