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From "Kevin Jackson" <>
Subject Re: Ant Documentation
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 04:35:46 GMT

> I've noticed that many newcomers are offered unit testing and
> documentation as good places to start.  This works out for me, because
> I'm a huge believer in good documentation.
> If I'm browsing the repository correctly, it looks like the manual is
> written in HTML.  I think it would be beneficial to convert the manual
> to DocBook.  I've done similar conversions before, and if everyone is
> okay with it, I'll be glad to get started.  (Regarding a web-viewable
> version, I can either write some XSL sheets to accompany the DocBook
> version, or I understand there's a widely used open source set of
> DocBook XSL stylesheets which could also be used.)

The docbook route for ant has been discussed a few times previously, I
even got the first part of the manual converted to pdf via saxen+fop,
but the discussion has revolved around a way of making the
documentation buildable - ie extracting it from metadata placed in the
Java src.

Please search the archives for previous documentation discussions.

I'm sure other people will chime in sooner or later too :)


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