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From <>
Subject AW: Ant Documentation
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 09:51:27 GMT
> Well, I found the following project on SourceForge, which uses Java's
> Doclet API such that running JavaDoc outputs data to XML 
> instead of HTML:
> If the output is XML, then (theoretically) it could be 
> transformed into
> DocBook format.  Does this fulfill the desired effect?

The target is a user manual. 
We could get lots of information from the javadocs, but not all. I see
different possible
sources for information for the manual:
* javasources (javadoc+source): 
  - description of the task
  - description of the attributes and nested elements
* testcases (maybe little bit annotated)
  - examples
* merge files
  - description of the task

The 'problem' could be, that there could be a different meaning in
The Ant user needs other information than the user of the Ant API and
JavaDoc is designed for
describing the API.

 * This task is documented.
 * @ant.task="CoreTask"
public MyTask extends Task {
   * Sets the name of ...
   * @ant.requiredGroup="setName,addName"
  public void setName(String name) {...}
  public void addName(Name name) {...}

<project name="antunit">
    <target name="testA">
        Dies example does nothing meaningful.
        <mytask name="a"/>

* description of the task: javadoc of the task
* where to place the manual page: @ant.task
* list of attributes: analyze set*(*) methods (also inhereted ones like
* description of attributes: javadoc of the setter
* is-required: @ant.required="true|false"
* is-required: @ant.requiredgroup
  ==> "this is required unless you provide a nested <name>"
  - remove the current method name --> addName
  - add* is nested for element, set* is an attribute

Just thoughts ...


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