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From <>
Subject AW: Infrastructure
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2007 08:00:30 GMT
>> > We will at least need to:
>> >>
>> >> * migrate svn content
>> >>
>> >> * migrate the mailing lists
>> >>
>> >> * migrate the website
>> >>
>> >> * maybe migrate Wiki content
>> >>
>> >> * add the three Ivy committers to the ant Unix group.
>> >
>> >
>> > What can we do to help for these points?
>> First of all, discuss and make decisions 8-)
>> > For the svn content, mailing lists and ant unix group, I don't see
>> > anything we can do.
>> If we know where to put it, you can move the svn content immediately.
>> You already have committe access to both the source and target
>> locations.
>Ok, so let's decide upon the destination. IMHO
> would be nice, as I think Ivy
is a
>little more than other antlibs. But if you prefer
> or anything else I
won't object :-)

.../ant/ivy is fine with me.
Just think about Ivys integration to IDEs (IvyDE) or command line usage.
It is an Ant related library but it has also non-Ant usage.

>> For the website, migration should be pretty easy if we use the same
>> > pattern as we did in incubation: put the Ivy website under
>> > /www/ instead of /www/
>> Hmm.  I once started to build /ant/site (in svn) but we still use a
>> part of Ant's core subversion area for the website.  I wouldn't want
>> to add Ivy's documentation to Ant's core (or Ant's site to Ivy).
>I don't want either, but ATM Ivy site is not integrated to 
>incubator site,
>and Ivy is reachable at So why not 
>take the same
>approach here? I don't know how you manage Ant's site, but it 
>shouldn't be
>too complex to get a /www/ managed as the 
>Ivy site, is

Should be possible and as a real subproject I think<subproject>
is the right place. has to point to that location.


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