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From Martijn Kruithof>
Subject Re: AW: Ivy mailing list organisation
Date Sat, 13 Oct 2007 10:20:49 GMT schreef:
>>>> maybe we could create the following lists
>>>> ant-bugs (gump, bugzilla, (what bug platform is ivy on?))
>>>> ant-commits (svn commits from both ivy and ant)
>>>> ant-dev (development discussion on both ivy and ant)
>>>> ant-user (as-is for the users)
>>>> ivy-user (as-is for the users)
>>> works for me (but I probably wouldn't split bugs and commits at all).
>>> And instead of ant-dev, dev@ant as it is right now.
>>> Ivy uses JIRA and Xavier is the admin IIRC.
>> Fine for me too, and I agree with Stefan, I wouldn't split 
>> bugs and commits.
>> There's also yet another notification e-mail kind: wiki 
>> notifications. Where
>> would they fall in?
> Both projects (Ant and Ivy) have the same mail-origins. So we could also
> do:
> - wiki                          --->  wiki@ant     ivy-wiki@ant
> - bugtracking (Bugzilla + JIRA) --->  bugs@ant     ivy-bugs@ant
> - Users                         --->  users@ant    ivy-users@ant
> - Developers                    --->  dev@ant      ivy-dev@ant
> - Usage of Gump                 --->  gump@ant     (ivy-gump@ant)
> maybe only one
> - Subversion                    --->  commits@ant  (ivy-commits@ant)
> maybe only one
> total 10-12 mailinglists
Imo these are too many lists for the volume we have, furthermore in 
order to build a single development community, I'd really be in favour 
of only having one dev list. Of course everyone in the community can 
have his or her specific points of intrest and be more active in one 
part or the other, but we still are one development community.


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