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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: ant really slow, 100% CPU?
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2007 08:46:37 GMT
Peter Reilly wrote:
> 1) Some of the traces seem to imply a bug.

clearly :)

>         at
>         - locked <0x00002aaab4013548> (a
>         at
>         at
>         at
> The intent of Property.PropertyResolver is I think to remain in
> the Property task - the trace seems to imply that it has
> escaped from that task.

I think it is looping. There is a per-thread stack to detect this, but 
it isnt working. Otherwise the loop wouldnt happen.

This could be some wierd race condition in the JVM itself, which may be 
reordering operations in the single thread. Remember, unless your 
variable  is tagged as volatile, or the block is synchronized, Java can 
swap the order of actions. It can even reorder volatile access in Java <1.5


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