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From "Peter Reilly" <>
Subject [VOTE] Weblogic and Starteam antlibs for ant 1.8.0
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 19:03:37 GMT
Hi all,
As some are aware, ant has a number of tasks that require third-party
jar files to compile. Some of these jars are commercial jars that we
cannot distribute. This of course makes it impossible to compile the
complete ant distribution unless one has these jar files.

The tasks in question are the weblogic and starteam tasks.  The weblogic
tasks have been superseded by the tasks that weblogic provide, so
the ant tasks are in effect obsolete.
for example).

There is however no vendor supplied tasks for starteam.

The proposal is that these tasks will be removed from Ant from  Ant 1.8.0
and made into two antlibs - a weblogic one and a starteam one.
These should be drop-in compatible with the
current ant-weblogic.jar and ant-starteam.jar  jars, containing the same
code and the same tasks in the same namespace.
A first release of the antlibs will be made *before* the release of ant 1.8.0.

The weblogic would be marked as obsolote but kept for BC reasons
as there is better ant support within weblogic,

The starteam antlib would be maintained and get its own namespace for tasks
(released after version 1.0) but would keep the current tasks in the o.a.t.a
namespace for BC reasons.

The vote is whether to accept this proposal.

Yes  - move the weblogic and starteam tasks to antlibs. [   ]
 No - keep them in ant 1.8.0                         [  ]

My vote is for Yes [X]

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