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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: applyjava
Date Thu, 17 May 2007 20:33:45 GMT

--- Dominique Devienne <> wrote:

> On 5/17/07, Matt Benson <>
> wrote:
> > Example name for the task we've talked about
> before
> > but have not written for inclusion, the
> > counter-argument being that the correct thing to
> do
> > here would be write a custom task.  But there are
> Java
> > programs (which shall remain nameless) that are
> > ridiculously complicated to call API-style due to
> the
> > fact that they are meant to be invoked by means of
> a
> > main() method, period.  I can't say that I see a
> > reason we can't include such a task in the near
> > future... anyone offering a different opinion had
> best
> > speak up sooner than that.  ;)
> How does that relate to <java> or <script>? --DD

Obviously <script> or <for> could be used, but you
know how it is... some orgs can't or won't accept
dependencies in their buildfiles.  Once we get
somewhere with the auto-install stuff we've talked
about with Ant + Ivy, that might be easier to handle
as the user is no longer responsible for setting
everything up.  A build could simply retrieve
ant-contrib on the fly.

As for how the proposed <applyjava> relates to <java>,
I imagine it would extend <java> in almost or exactly
the same way that <apply> extends <exec>.


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