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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject BigProjectLogger
Date Fri, 18 May 2007 12:32:48 GMT

I'm just coding up a new logger to make it easier to analyse big 
projects built with subant. From the patched listeners.html:

<h3><a name="BigProjectLogger">BigProjectLogger</a></h3>

   This logger is designed to make examining the logs of a big build easier,
   especially those run under continuous integration tools. It
   <li>Includes the build finished timestamp of the TimeStamp logger</li>
   <li>Omits logging the names of all targets that have no direct task 
   <li>Includes the name of the project when printing a target</li>
   This is useful when using &lt;subant&gt; to build a large project
   from many smaller projects -the output shows which particular
   project is building. Here is an example
        [echo] building /home/ant/examples/kernel/lib/kernel-3.10.jar

   ... (many lines of log output omitted) ...

        [echo] completed kernel build

        [echo] building /home/ant/examples/tasks/lib/tasks-3.10.jar
        [echo] system.tests.enabled=true

One question I have here, is : how should I present teh project name.

(a) with a .  for example:  kernel.init and kernel.common.init
   -good for simple things, but imports can confuse it
(b) a /         for example:  kernel/init and kernel/common.init
   -may cause confusion as project names != dir names
(c) colon    for example:  kernel:init and kernel:common.init

(d) brackets       [kernel]:init and [kernel]:common.init
   -makes targets look like task output
(e) XML Qualified names :)  {kernel}#init and {somewith with 

I'd started off with the '.' symbol, but worry that overriden imported 
projects would introduce confusion... and you can have spaces in a 
project name (which could trigger us quoting them)

I suppose I could make the separator and such like configurable through 
project properties.


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