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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: debian packaging related tasks - sandboxable?
Date Sat, 12 May 2007 01:35:56 GMT
I think your plan is a great one.  I'm having a related but different 
thought about debian support.

What do people think about Ant supporting a way to install and remove 
antlibs from the command line into a standard antlib directory that is 
automatically added to the classpath on startup? That would support the 
creation of separate debian packages for individual antlibs. Installed 
antlibs could be made automatically available to any build file.

An alternative of doing this for debian is to define a specific location 
for separately-packaged antlibs to reside (such as 
/usr/share/ant/antlib) and to have that location added as a '-lib' 
parameter to the script installed to invoke ant, but I find that 
solution much more brittle. It doesn't survive a user-installed upgrade 
of ant into /usr/local, for example.

Kevin Jackson wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been working on some tasks related to debian packaging.
> So far I have :
> - dpkg (creates a debian package from a directory)
> - control (creates a dpkg control file)
> and I'm working on :
> - install, takes a .deb package and installs it
> - more robust error checking etc for the current tasks
> I want to flesh this out as a real antlib for those of us who are
> debian users, and also so that we can offer an official .deb build of
> Ant (hopefully for 1.7.1 time).
> Right now the requirements are that you have a debian based
> distribution installed, although a .deb seems to be similar to a jar
> (it's just an archive with metadata), so I'd like to transition to a
> pure Java version if possible at a later date.
> Would this be suitable for the svn sandbox? Are there any objections
> to my committing my progress so far?  I only ask as I am in the middle
> of updating to feisty fawn, and I'd like to version control my code in
> case the worst should happen.
> Thanks,
> Kev
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