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From Martijn Kruithof>
Subject Re: Triage time
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2006 10:02:33 GMT
Steve Loughran schreef:
> I'm looking at some outstanding issues with the RC and wondering 
> whether to pull them either temporarily or indefinitely. I'd like some 
> opinions.
> #1 automatic proxy setup on Java 1.5
> This was meant to be a benefit, in which the JVM would pick up the 
> proxy settings of the OS unless you said -noproxy
> But
>  1. I have never seen it work on Linux, either with KDE or Gnome 
> desktops (suse and ubuntu)
>  2. Some people have reported problems with oracle JDBC driver and 
> tigris SVN not working unless you go -noproxy
> The problem here is that while trying to simplify a problem (proxy 
> setup), we've broken things that worked. And that forces us to take on 
> support calls/stops builds.
> Proposal: pull the auto proxy unless you say -noproxy; add a 
> -autoproxy option to turn it on if you want it. Fix the documentation 
> coverage to match. Users who live behind silly firewalls (me) have to 
> set up ANT_ENV to get it to work.
> #2 <war> and optional web.xml
> I've had reports (and seen myself) cases of users getting warned their 
> web.xml isnt being used when updating a WAR file that exists. I think 
> its something to do with updates.
> Proposal: move the new web.xml features (code+doc+tests) to the 
> Ant1.7.1 Branch, to put in once we've had better testing.
> I dont know if we have a 1.7.x branch but suspect this is the time to 
> create one.


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