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From "Prashant Deva" <>
Subject Re: Virtual Ant - Highly innovative, new GUI for Apache ANT
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 21:31:06 GMT

> Maybe I am
> expecting too much here; you seem to be covering basic
> Ant usage, and more complex usage might be more
> properly the realm of "power users" who have passed
> some certain point and must be prepared to use the XML
> interface.

No, Virtual Ant really will be able to cover 'all' of ant. This is
what the design goal has been from the begining, to completely and
totally replace the xml for once and for all. A lot of stuff  related
to how exactly we make everything generic enough on top of ant so that
virtual ant can recognize everything and how you make custom tasks run
is not shown in the video.
That of course if cause its not fully complete and finalized.

There are a lot of tricks going on in there to make everything super
fast and still being able to run everything you throw at it. All of
that will be revealed once the final release comes out.

> Further, I expect you know this, but I'll mention it
> anyway:  IMHO it'd be nice to see:
> <delete file="foo" />
> instead of:
> <delete file="foo">
> </delete>

Yup, that will be done ;)
Although I expect developers to forget about xml totally. It should be
just like yet another file format.
For example, when you create a document in word, you dont really care
about the generated binary format ;-)

Prashant Deva
Creator, ANTLR Studio , Virtual Ant
Founder, Placid Systems,

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