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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Virtual Ant - Highly innovative, new GUI for Apache ANT
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 16:12:46 GMT
Hi Prashant,
I'm still watching the video, and I agree that
VirtualAnt looks pretty cool, as did ANTLRStudio.  :) 
It strikes me that you must have done a lot of
explicit setup for e.g. the javac task support.  I'm
sure it would be a fine line between staying generic
enough to handle whatever a user might throw at you,
and being able to anticipate the common use cases to
provide context-sensitive support.  Maybe I am
expecting too much here; you seem to be covering basic
Ant usage, and more complex usage might be more
properly the realm of "power users" who have passed
some certain point and must be prepared to use the XML

In your video, I am hearing you emphasize how
impossible Ant buildfiles are to understand, however,
so maybe I am wrong and you would like for VA to be
able to handle ALL Ant usage.

Further, I expect you know this, but I'll mention it
anyway:  IMHO it'd be nice to see:
<delete file="foo" />
instead of:
<delete file="foo">


--- Prashant Deva <> wrote:

> Hi,
> > I think there's a problem with the virtual
> filesystem after the javac task:
> > resources (properties files) appear in the bin
> directory in the demo, but
> > javac only compile files as far as I know, and do
> not copy resource files.
> Thanks for pointing that out. Yes, there are quite a
> few bugs right
> now. They will definitely be cured before Virtual
> Ant is finally
> released. The purpose of this demo is just to show
> what all Virtual
> Ant can do and how it revolutionizes developing ant
> buildscripts.
> -- 
> Prashant Deva
> Creator, ANTLR Studio
> Founder, Placid Systems,
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