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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: A note on release votes
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 19:28:24 GMT
On Sat, 28 Oct 2006, Antoine Levy-Lambert <> wrote:

> This procedure for releases opens for me a number of questions :
> - does it not force the project to actually hold two votes, one to
> choose a date to build a release candidate, the second to decide
> whether this release candidate is valid ?

No, only the second is necessary.  Anybody could say "look this is
what I'd like to release" and call for a vote any time.  I like our
more organized release plan vote better, though.

> - should the release manager tag the code in any case before
> building ? Now there is a danger that you create a tag ANT_170 but
> then you get a negative vote, this is not 1.7.0 any more.

I had this problem with AntUnit 1.0Beta2 - there I went ahead and
removed the old tag and created a new one.  Not sure whether this was
the best approach.

> - since we will be releasing both to the maven directory tree and
> using our usual distribution system, does the release manager also
> need to upload the java-repository directory tree, maybe as a zip
> file ?

I don't count publishing to the java-repository as a release, but
probably you are right, we'd need to verify them as well.

> - this procedure makes lose the time of the vote on the binary
> artifacts, where the release could actually already be made
> available

You wouldn't push them into the dist directory until the vote has

> - there is no clear calendar. I find it better if a project commits
> itself to some clear milestones

Nothing prevents us from doing this in addition to making sure our
release artifacts have been voted on "correctly".

> If you say this system of creating a release candidate, uploading it
> to ~release_manager/betadistribution, then voting on accepting this
> as version xyz is ASF procedure, then I will have to live with
> it.

AFAIU it is.


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