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From <>
Subject AW: echo task documentation error
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2006 08:04:36 GMT
>> I think you are a committer too. Feel free to edit the documentation.
>>> The ant manual states that the echo task's message attribute is 
>>> required "unless data is included in a character section within this

>>> element."
>>> This appears to be false.  I have by accident discovered that
>>> <echo/>
>>> has the effect of inserting a totally blank line into the 
>output.  It 
>>> doesn't even show the normal [echo] prefix.  I don't know 
>if this is 
>>> intentional, but it is actually quite useful.
>You're right.  I have been quite inactive, but I can certainly 
>do this.  That is, unless someone comes up with a good reason 
>why this is a bug rather than a feature.

I dont see any reason why this should be an error. 
Maybe this wasnt intended "why to have an empty <echo/>?" - but getting
a "print \n" in
that way is a usecase ;-)


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