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From <>
Subject AW: HelpStudioAnt (was: "AW: failure notice")
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:31:35 GMT
>> * does it make sence to proceed with a failed configuration?
>>   - you invoce handleError() which will log the message when failonerror==false
>>   - I think handleError() should set a flag "hasError" so you could
>>     quit the job after the checks
>Not sure if I understand you correctly. After handleError() is 
>called the following return exists the execute() method.
>Example (where this code is not yet extracted to the above mentioned checkConfiguration()):
>		if (projectfile == null) {
>			handleError("Attribute 'projectfile' is  required");
>			return;
>		}
>This way, the task is exited regardless of what failonerror is set to.
>The difference is that the build fails or not.

Oh yes - I ignored the return statement ;-)

>> * line 247+250: we always use brackets .... you could use Checkstyle
>>   and Ants src/etc/checkstyle/checkstyle-config for verifying codestyle.
><strike>Is it possible to use Eclipse´s internal formatter for this?</strike>

You could configure Eclipses formatter to do such.
I havent done that, so I cant give you that configuration...

>> * Maybe you want to implement the task as AntLib [1], then
>>   you could also find the common [2] module interesting ...
>Umm... I visited [1] and googled but I´m not quite sure what 
>AntLib is for.

For short: Bundling tasks. 
The task "implementation" could be done in multiple ways:
- in java and then declared with <taskdefs> in the antlib.xml
- in Ant XML (e.g. <macrodef>,<presetdef>) in the antlib.xml

>At first, I used a exec call with args to execute HelpStudio. 
>Would AntLib mean that I extracted this first ant script code 
>so that it could be referenced from any buildfile? No Java?

Maybe using <macrodef>.
But using Java has the advantage of having more control about the 

>> Maybe you are interested in continous integration using Gump [6].
>> Write a gump descriptor [7] and mail it here - every ASF committer 
>> could add that to gumps metadata directory.
>Thanks but IMHO this won´t be necessary as the project isn´t 
>going to grow very much. Eventually, I will add patches for 
>changes in HelpStudio. Nonetheless, I recently read about CI 
>with CruiseControl and it´s very interesting. So, ASF offers 
>CI to any project related with Ant or other ASF software?

Not really sure about the politics here, but I think it must be
an open source project with public access to a supported scm (svn,cvs,??)

>>> I used as a model. If necessary, in which 
>form should 
>>> I state this in the source file or in the documentation?
>> As "model"? Or more as "template"?
>> For me it seems that you used nsisAnt for making a copy and
>> that (how was Erich Gammas wording? "Monkey see - Monkey do" )
>yeah, that´s the best description! *g*
>So should I add something like "based on nsisant by..."?

No, you dont need to.

>>> 4)
>>> Patching
>>> for the "External Tools and Tasks" page: I´m using Eclipse
>>> 3.1 on Windows.
>>> I know that I can create a patch to a file that is under 
>>> versioncontrol. Is there an easy way to create a patch besides 
>>> configuring the svn repository in Eclipse?
>> You could also create the xml snippet ...
>Already done. I thought applying a patch file would have been 
>even easier for you guys.

Yes - it would. But inserting a new valid xml node is not very difficult ...


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