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From <>
Subject HelpStudioAnt (was: "AW: failure notice")
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 12:10:02 GMT
oh yes - we prefer new threads instead of thread-hijacking ;-)


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>Gesendet: Dienstag, 24. Oktober 2006 14:09
>Betreff: AW: failure notice
>>is it not possible to post mail with attaced zip-files to this list?
>not sure about that - but I think "no"
>>attachment is now temporarily avaiable at:
>thats the better way ;-)
>also so the mail boxes of the registered users keep small ...
>>I´ve written a task that allows a HelpStudio project to be compiled 
>>using Ant. As this is my first ant project could anyone be so kind to 
>>have a look at it with attention to code quality and formal 
>My few cents ...
>* you should have a buildfile
>* if possible, you should also have testcases
>  - AntUnit
>  - JUnit (maybe extending oata.BuildFileTest)
>* I would extract the lines 157-187 into a checkConfiguration() method
>* does it make sence to proceed with a failed configuration?
>  - you invoce handleError() which will log the message when 
>  - I think handleError() should set a flag "hasError" so you 
>could quit the job
>    after the checks
>* line 247+250: we always use brackets .... you could use 
>Checkstyle and Ants
>  src/etc/checkstyle/checkstyle-config for verifying codestyle.
>* Maybe you want to implement the task as AntLib [1], then you 
>could also find the
>  common [2] module interesting ...
>>HelpStudio Ant Task
>>tested with Ant 1.6.5
>>license: GPL
>If ready, you could add it to [3] or provide a patch for [4] 
>(see [5] for that).
>>I´ve attached the distribution as a zipfile (project is registered at 
>>sourceforge - just needs acknowledgement).
>Maybe you are interested in continous integration using Gump [6].
>Write a gump descriptor [7] and mail it here - every ASF 
>committer could add that to gumps metadata directory.
>>I used as a model. If necessary, in which form 
>should I 
>>state this in the source file or in the documentation?
>As "model"? Or more as "template"?
>For me it seems that you used nsisAnt for making a copy and 
>modifying that (how was Erich Gammas wording? "Monkey see - 
>Monkey do" )
>>Can anybody tell me down to which ant version my task is compatible?
>>How could I easily find out?
>testing ...
>Could be compatible with Ant 1.5. But you have to test.
>I would not spend time on compatibility tests <1.5 and maybe not <1.6.
>Because we are in front of 1.7, compatibility with 1.6 (2003 
>[8]) should be enough.
>>One remaining problem is that command line arguments are 
>>escaped via " if they contain spaces. Now it is possible that a to be 
>>compiled booklet has a space in it so the appropriate command line 
>>would look like this:
>>   helpstudio2.exe /bk="just a test" projectfile.hsp Unfortunately, 
>>when I pass the option as /bk=just a test it gets converted to 
>>"/bk=just a test" or /bk="just a test" gets converted to '/bk="just a 
>>test"' and HelpStudio doesn´t recognize these.
>Who is escaping? Or is it just inside the debug log?
>> for 
>>the "External Tools and Tasks" page: I´m using Eclipse
>>3.1 on Windows.
>>I know that I can create a patch to a file that is under 
>>versioncontrol. Is there an easy way to create a patch besides 
>>configuring the svn repository in Eclipse?
>You could also create the xml snippet ...
>>Most of the variables are declared as protected because this is what 
>>I´ve seen in nsisant. Is this preferred over private variables?
>Not sure about an Ant philosophy here, but protected variables 
>support subclassing ...
>>btw: Though using the GPL or any other opensource license, why do 
>>people state a copyright in the source files? Shouldn´t this 
>mean that 
>>only this person is allowed to copy the code?
>>(I now just adopted this)
>AFAIK this is your code. You are the holder. You decide, who 
>could use the code in which way. The GPL (nor any other 
>OSS-license) does not change that.
>Inside Ant we dont have any @author statements any more. We 
>have a contributor-file instead.
>Now we arent a group of individuals any more - now we are a team ;-)
>ok, these are my few cents ...
>[7] Gump DD examples
>    *
>    * 
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