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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Where to submit patch to
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 09:34:14 GMT
Kevin Jackson wrote:
> If I recall, there was a previous discussion about whether SQLExec
> should/shouldn't be refactored to deal with the myriad backend dbs
> that it must support.  I don't think the discussion went anywhere in
> the end, but this task does have a lot of bug reps/enhancements filed
> against it
> Kev

Let's make this something for the 1.7.1 timeframe :)

As I mentioned on ant-user last week, I pulled a bit of the SqlExec task 
out for use in smartfrog, stripping it down quite a lot. There were some 
things there that I felt wouldnt work, like the delimiter checking if 
keepformatting=true, as a space at the end of the line would break the 

Bad :"DROP TABLE foo; "
Good: "DROP TABLE foo"

One big problem with sqlexec is the many databases out there, some of 
which cost $100K+, ignoring the hardware you need too. But that should 
not stop us testing on hssql, derby and possibly mysql, postgres all of 
which cost $0. Getting the test system up and running would be the first 
part of the problem.


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