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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Re: echo task documentation error
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 02:51:37 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:
>> unless someone comes up with a good reason
>> why this is a bug rather than a feature.
> It's a bug if it doesn't prefix that line with [echo] in non-emacs mode.
> <echo/> is not much different from <echo>${foo}</echo> with foo being
> empty. If foo is empty by mistake, how will one troubleshoot this?
> Sure, not a very good example, but still. Any task output should be
> prefixed with the task name in non-emacs mode. --DD
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This is the sort of input I wanted before I went off blindly changing 
documentation to match current behavior.

But your example isn't quite correct either.

<echo>${foo}</echo> (with foo not defined)
will produce
	[echo] ${foo}
and not a blank line.  Undefined properties are echoed as literal text, not skipped.

So, although the omission of the task tag may be unintended, I don't see it as 
quite as bad a thing as you do.  It is handy to be able to emit a totally blank 
line.  Although, to be perfectly consistent, we should probably define something 
like <echo blank="true"/> or some such to get that behavior rather than this
accidental thing.

My feeling for now is to simply update the doc to say (on echo.html, for the 
"required" column of the message attribute):

"No. Text may also be included in a character section within this element. If 
neither is included a blank line will be emitted in the output."

leaving the question of the missing task label to be disposed of separately.

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