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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ant support for Team System
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 10:28:08 GMT
Kevin Jackson wrote:
> First, sorry for not getting back to you quickly - I've had a few
> upheavals and had to travel recently too, so not had much time for any
> Ant work at all :(

> For TeamSystem, is it really necessary to install everything listed?

yes; this is why we've never got round to bringing it up @work, even 
though integration with MS project and the other bits appeal.

> If so, we may need to run vmware images as I don't have the hardware
> resources to run this locally (I only have one dev machine right now
> and that has to run 2 OSes, I don't really want to install a third,
> especially as trial software)

I could abuse my msdn license to do this, but I wouldnt be allowed to 
make it publicly visible on the net (security) from work, or redist it 
(MSDN license). Windows server images don't like being copied around; it 
confuses domain controllers. More to the point, virtualized images can 
have really wierd behaviour when it comes to SCM integration, because 
they lack monotonically increasing clocks. Ant, and SCM systems, 
normally assume time moves forward. On VM images, that is not always the 
case. What they do do is let you roll back at the end of a test run, 
which is nice.

CERN openlab are doing some SmartFrog components to bring up Xen images, 
so we can automate deploy/rollback of Xen images during a large 
functional test, but you do need a server farm to set everything up. 
This is still research time, I'm afraid.

> Another option would be if you guys already had this setup for a
> different purpose - has been mentioned (I
> believe it uses TeamSystem, but I'm not sure).
> The only other thing: is there a client API for TeamSystem?  Or
> failing an API, is there a command line client?

If its networked. perhaps there is WSDL. that would give us x-platform 
use, at the expense of having to decide whether to use sun java ws, 
xfire, axis or alpine for SOAP support. In such a situation, I'd push 
Xfire. Neither Axis 2 or alpine are ready for production use. But java 
WS is what gets built into Java 6.0


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