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From "Lars Monsees" <>
Subject RE: HelpStudioAnt (was: "AW: failure notice")
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 15:23:26 GMT

>>> * line 247+250: we always use brackets .... you could use
>>>   and Ants src/etc/checkstyle/checkstyle-config for verifying
>>> codestyle. 
>> <strike>Is it possible to use Eclipse´s internal formatter for
>> this?</strike> =)
> You could configure Eclipses formatter to do such.
> I havent done that, so I cant give you that configuration...

Hmm, seems as if the checkstyle plugins just checks but doesn´t format
by itself.
fyi: RFE,

Whatever, elcipse-cs is installed.

>>> Maybe you are interested in continous integration using Gump [6].
>>> Write a gump descriptor [7] and mail it here - every ASF committer
>>> could add that to gumps metadata directory.
>> Thanks but IMHO this won´t be necessary as the project isn´t
>> going to grow very much. Eventually, I will add patches for
>> changes in HelpStudio. Nonetheless, I recently read about CI
>> with CruiseControl and it´s very interesting. So, ASF offers
>> CI to any project related with Ant or other ASF software?
> Not really sure about the politics here, but I think it must be
> an open source project with public access to a supported scm
> (svn,cvs,??) 

I would think so, too.

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