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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: suggestion : Ant 1.8 full dist to include a 'scripting lang'
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 20:11:51 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, Matt Benson <> wrote:
>> dare I say it, could be fun if we could find ways to
>> make a DSL that is Ant-focused.  ;)
> Ant is a DSL, isn't it?
> The easiest thing would be a re-implementation of Ant in Common Lisp,
> we'd get real macros and a time-tested "scripting" language for free.
> and we could get rid of XML:
> (project :name "Ant" :default "echo"
>   (target :name "echo"
>     (echo :message "Hello World")))
> Tasks would be functions or macros.

...And make is an AI rule proving system that backward chains from 
desired artifacts to the creation sequence, then runs them.

I'm not sure we want to make the jump to being procedural though, not in 
the core.

FWIW I think my work build has pretty much reached the limits of Ant's 
scalability. The problems I have are not script releated, they are
-library management
-managing overrides of base build.xml files
-functional testing
-xreferencing generated artifacts

I'm not going to make the jump to maven, though I may try it in one 
project. What I am plannign to do is move functional tesing into 
smartfrog deployments itself (see 
), with
some more extensions to the test components.

I'm also thinking about whether or not to move some of the build process 
into smartfrog itself, first with the ability to create WAR and EAR 
files during deployment. There's too many XML and JAR files in there 
that need to know what your target system is going to be
(hostname, platform, data sources), By doing deploy-time artifact 
construction you get to do custom artifacts and avoid operations 
sticking the wrong EAR on the wrong host.


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