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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: Use of reflection in DirectoryScanner to remove duplicated code
Date Wed, 23 Aug 2006 08:25:23 GMT
Hi Stefan, (and other interested devs)

For additional testing I've created a directory/file structure like

   1 2/
    2 3/
     3 4/

ie a single file under a directory, the tree is 1038+ layers deep and  
there is no difference between the original time taken by the  
DirectoryScanner code and the modified code - if you want more  
testing of this I'm willing to accommodate, but I'm pretty sure that  
the Java reflection == slow is not always the case, and certainly  
isn't in this case.  I agree we must be careful to prevent new code  
from causing the system to 'appear' slow (perceived performance), but  
in this instance, I cannot prove that it is faster/slower, any  
differences are minor (10s of milliseconds).

As an aside, my little recursive script to generate a mad dir  
structure for testing breaks some kind of limit (unix or ruby not  
sure) for file names, so any additional testing would require a  
different script to generate the directory structure first :)


"In vain you tell me that Artificial Government is good, but that I  
fall out with the Abuse. The Thing! The Thing itself is the Abuse!" -  
Edmund Burke

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