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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: using multiple properties in the 'if' and 'unless' conditions
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 09:38:49 GMT

On 23 Jun 2006, at 16:24, Riedel Thomas ((KSFD 121)) wrote:

> r building, deploying and testing real large projects (>5 Mio LOC).  
> So our scripts became more and more complex workflow scripts  
> instead of simple Ant-scripts.
> I do strongly believe that the simple change of more complex  
> (expression language like) if and unless statement would reduce the  
> size and increase the readability of our scripts by far!

Don't macrodef/scriptdef and friends help out here?  I mean it's  
possible to embed an entire scripting language (BeanShell etc) inside  
an Ant build file, do these not provide enough flexibility for what  
you need?

"In vain you tell me that Artificial Government is good, but that I  
fall out with the Abuse. The Thing! The Thing itself is the Abuse!" -  
Edmund Burke

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