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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ant 1.7 beta?
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:47:38 GMT
( I just replied using the wrong from: address, so it probably wont go 
through. lets try again)

Kev Jackson wrote:

>>      <classloader> to allow adding of jars to the current classloader
>>      (would solve a /lot/ of problems at the cost of some
>>      issues)[peter] (status RE "some issues" risk? -MJB)

Primarily, it can cause fun with IDEs.

>>    *
>>      Junit 4 integration to a level that Ant-dev and junit are happy.
>> Who can take care of what here ? Which are the key IDE bugs ?
> I agree that this list as it stands is a little vague.  Junit 4 
> integration would be another case of having special code to deal with a 
> Java5 environment.

I'm trying to set up a conf call with the junit team, to see how best to 
go with the junit4 support. I am currently thinking
-<junit> stays 3.8.x only.
-we add a new junit antlib for junit4 support, design it to work on 
1.6.5 and 1.7
-maybe hand off ownership of the antlib to the junit team, if they want 
to gain that tight coupling and take on the costs.

> >
> So as part of the release target, openpgp is used to sign the archives 
> created - sounds good to me

Apache now requires signing by someone whose keys are cross 
authenticated. We also need to push out beta JARs to the 
maven1 repository, final ones to the big maven1/maven2 repo, with 
half-decent .pom files. I can take ownership of creating all those pom 
files if nobody else wants to take it on, as I use them a lot @work 
(with ant, naturally)

>> - release instructions
>> the release instructions need to be updated for subversion. I never
>> created branches in subversion ...
> Branching in svn is pretty easy, but as far as I know, svn does a lazy 
> copy - ie it doesn't copy files over to the branch until there's a 
> change recorded - just something to be aware of
>> - branches
>> we will need to decide if we will want to branch ant, and if yes when.
>> Experience from the 1.6 time showed that during a long time we did
>> double maintenance of 1.6 branch and HEAD.
>> We might want to delay the creation of a 1.7 branch until there is a say
>> at least 1.7.1 ...
>> - antlibs
>> do we want to release antunit, dotnet and svn antlibs at the same time ?
>> or parallel ?
>> Should each antlib be in principle like an independent project and have
>> its own release instructions ?
> Since 1.7 is the first version to properly support antlibs, wouldn't it 
> make sense to release the first batch of ant libs at the same time, but 
> then after to have them on their own release schedules?

Seems good.

>> - dependencies of ant
>> we have removed from the build 4 external jars which were not to be
>> found anymore anywhere. Still, gathering the dependencies is a problem
>> for the release manager.
>> For instance to get the weblogic.jar I downloaded an eval version of
>> weblogic. (Lengthy process involving registration ...).
> I have this jar if anyone needs it (WebLogic 8.1, I also have 9 too I 
> think).  I agree that getting that particular jar is a pain - thankfully 
> we don't have any oracle dependencies - that website always makes me 
> want to kill kittens - I don't know how much user unfriendly they can be.

WL itself hurts. I know people hate jboss for its worst-in-class 
classloader, but it doesnt make such a mess of your machine. Mind you, 
I've never tried WebSphere.
> Kev
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